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Project Management


CETETEK Technology Inc. has strict and professional process for project management. The years of industry experience in project management and profound technical skills that management staff has ensure all the running projects in a well-organized and efficient way which provides the best support and quality assurance to customer project success.


  • SW Development Project Management

We use MSF model for team management and project management. MSF is Microsoft Solution Framework, is a Microsoft business-driven technology solution based on their experience to design a set of enterprise software development models, guidelines, and successful experience, which combines the advantages of Agile and CMMI, provides a flexible and scalable framework, its ability to adapt to meet any project (regardless of their size and complexity) requirements to plan, build and deploy.

  • Software Testing Project Management

Based on our years of rich SW Testing project management experience in great software company, we have generated a set of simple and practical project management process with the advanced project mangement concept - PMP fully integrated, which could adapt to all SW Testing projects.


  • Quality and safety assurance

Quality assurance is to ensure that the progress of project implementation is in full accordance with established processes and procedures to avoid the chaos and uncertainty caused by project staff's inconsistency and inaccuracy. The procedure could be updated and modified according to the specific requirement and actual situation during the project implementation.

* Full-time quality manager to monitor the implementation process
a) Monthly Quality Report
b) Customer feedback collection
c) Periodic quality meetings
d) Continue to improve and update the process 

* Customer complaint handling process
e) Rapid response to customer complaints and designate special staff to track the complains
f) Organize meetings to analyze and develop solutions
g) Continuous process improvement in order to avoid similar incidents from happening again 

* Safety and security
h) Every effort to ensure our customers the security of intellectual property and product
i) Implementation of permit system to enter the office
j) Independent working rooms for special projects
k) NDA enforced for all related working staffs
l) Regular safety training and inspection

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