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Mobile Video Solution

This system we design and develope is a "video web sites and mobile client integrated solutions" actually.

As the chart shows, the whole video system consists of "three various client software + a server cluster":

Three various client software:

1) Web video website: face to the public to provide video content,  visit through the browser run on PC.

2) mobile video client: face to the public to provide video content, visit through the custom-designed client  run on  smart phones and tablet computer.

3) background management system: face to the XXX company internal maintenance / management personnel, visit through the browser run on PC.

A server cluster: provide services to all the client unitary.

The whole video system is "B/S + C/S" mixed architecture:

Server: it's server cluster deployment, but serve for web sites and mobile video client at the same time.

B/S structure: Web video website, background management system and the server consist of  B/S structure.

1) Web video site, also called web site, the client is browser, we support all main browsers (IE, Firefox, Chrome, Oper, Safari);

2) the client uses the newest HTML and AJAX technology to realize the dynamic meta interactive web;

3) in addition, background management system and the server is B/S structure.

C/S architecture: mobile video client and server constitute C/S architecture.

1) mobile video client is a outspread from video web site to mobile Internet, it's more  convenient for the common people to appreciate video program and enrich the ordinary people's life, and also bring more users for video operators.

2) develope Android mobile phone client, Android tablet computer client, iPhone and iPad these four types of mobile video client;

3) mobile video client is a customized UI interface, different from the browser.

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