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Case 1 :  Mobile OA solution for a Waste Renewal Company
Project Overview

This project is a Mobile OA solution for a Waste Renewal company in USA.The company's main focus is to collect waste materials like grease trap, used cooking oil, organic residuals, and energy fluids.   The company has more than 500 drivers around USA running this business.  In the past, the data was manually processed, usually mailing back and forth through drivers, office workers and customers.  The office workers had to input the data into Call Center system and ERP system.  The data collection process was time consuming and the data usually had some mistakes.  Normally, a case had to spend about 20 days to complete and close.  In addition, the office workers could not efficiently control drivers' schedules by phone calls.  The Mobile OA solution can completely transform this situation.  The drivers can input the data into the system immediately and the system will efficiently process the data in half an hour.  In addition, the office workers will accurately know the driver's realtime location via the Map interface of Backend Management system, providing a great convenience to scheduling the drivers.   

The features of this mobile solution:
•  Finger signature on Tablet PC.
• Using Tablet PC to scan RFID or Barcode.
• Data entry: Pre-populating, auto-populating, data association.
• LBS application: Auto-associating with customer information via GPS location.
• Auto-sending the Email with PDF attachment on tablet PC.
• Print out the copy on spot from the tablet PC's connection with printer via bluetooth.
• All the driver's present locations are shown on Backend Management system by the way of GPS map   So that it is easy for Call Center to arrange drivers' schedules.
• Data docking with HR system to share drivers'  information.
• Data docking with ERP system to share customers' information.
• Data docking with ERP system to auto-generate the sales orders .
• Data docking with BI system to auto-push data to Data Warehouse for reporting and analysis  .   

Project Management

  • Totally 10 people involved in. 
  •  Use MSF-Agile model for team management and project management. 
  •  Execute BVT every day.
Development Cycle 6 months
System Architechure

As shown above, the system is made up of  three clients and one server:  "Android Client+iPad Client+ Backend Mgmt System + App Server"

• Android Client: Every driver is assgined a 7 inch Android Pad, it can input the data and support the finger signature and print out the form on spot.
• iPad Client: Every leader is assigned an iPad so that they can view and approve the forms in real time.
• Backend Mgmt System: Access by the browser, it is convenient for office workers to arrange drivers' schedules and managing and maintain the data and reports.
 App Server:  As a application server to provide the services for all the Web Portal, mobile clients, and make data docking with ERP, HR and BI systems.
 "B/S+C/S"  Hybrid 3-Tier Architecture:  Backend Mgmt System and App Server constitue B/S architecture;  Mobile clients and App  Server constitute C/S architecture. 


Technologies and tools
Plateform: Android 3.0 + iOS5 + Windows 7
Tool: Eclipse 3.6 + Android Smartphone Simulator + Xcode + Visual Studio
Technology: Java, Objective-C, SpringMVC,, AJAX, JSON
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