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With over 20 years of rich experience in management and research and development in the Telecommunications and Power System field, I have gained extensive management experience from Medium to large-sized enterprises in China and US, including start-ups and the world top 500 companies in the professional management and project management. I understand that quality is the key factor for customers to stick with your product. We also understand that keeping high quality spends time and increases the cost. It is a trade-off and hard for company management to make decision. Some chooses to go with low-price but soon the product has been disappeared from market since customers give up the product because of the bad experience. Some chooses good quality but the high development cost makes the company even worse. So do we have a solution for better quality with low cost? The answer is YES! We are here and CETETEK is here!

Our past hands-on practical experience on SW development and testing makes us unique on mobile SW and WEB development. CETETEK has accumulated a wealth of project development and business management experiences, as well as extensive knowledge and profound insights for smart grid and mobile internet especially. We also had profound experience on managing mobile value-added services and understanding the trend and development of new technology in Telecommunication and smart grid industry. If you need to develop your product with high quality, please come to talk to us. CETETEK is definitely the solution provider with low price.

As the founder of CETETEK, I promise to serve our customers with high quality to win your loyalty. Our low price and local project management strategy can best satisfy your need and eliminate your worries.

Moreover, if you ever had dreams or creative ideas but never have a chance to accomplish it with all kinds of reasons, please also come to talk to us. We can help you to find the investment and partnership in China. CETETEK has built up wide relationship with government and enterprises who have enough funding. So don't hesitate again, we are here to help you to accomplish your dreams!

Wish you all the best and thank you so much for your business!

Yours Sincerely


Michael Weng

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