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Case 6 :  WEB - ERP Solution
Project Overview
This project is a common product of ERP solution for SMEs, providing Invoicing, financial ledger, fixed assets, cost accounting, customer relations, human resources, a more comprehensive functional modules, and supports multi-sets of accounts. The system runs on the Internet, especially for branches or offices all over the country's enterprises. 
Project Management

  • Totally 6 people involved in. 
  • Use Agile Software Development Model for team management and project management.
Development Cycle 8 Months  
System Architecture

Mixed with C/S (Data operation) and B/S (Query sub-system)
B/S , Provincial center is deployed as server farm to provide load balance and failover capabilities

Technologies and Tools
Platform: Windows 2000 Server + Sql Server
Tools : C++ Builder 5 + Visual 2003 + Power Designer
Technologies: C++/C# + + DCOM + DataSnap + ADO/
Case 7 :  Website - A Technology Company
Project Overview This website system was customized to design according to the business model of this technology company. We use Microsoft.Net technology and tools to develop it and simultaneously provided the service of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). The website is playing a significant role in the area of showing the corporate image, making full use of network resources and developing the E-marketing. Our service of website design was highly praised by customers.
Project Management

  • Totally 3 people involved in.
  • Use MSF model for team management and project management.
  • Development Cycle 1 Months
    Website Development Process

    Technologies and Tools
    Technologies: + C# + IIS + Access +
    Tools: Dreamweaver + Photoshop + Flash + Coredraw
    Visual Studio + Visio
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