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Case 11 :  Web - Website Testing
Project Overview
This is website platform for providing 2D,3D contents and games for custom,and responsible for feature testing and performance testing on it. 
Project Size

Include 5 team members

Testing Cycle 4 Months  
Test Methods

Black Box Test, Feature Test, Performance Testing. 

Technologies and Tools
Platform: Windows,Linux,Mac
Tools : JIRA, Loadrunner
Case 12 :  Mobile Application Acceptance Test
Project Description
  • Perform test activities according to customers acceptance specifications to validate if the applications meet the requirements
  • Each application could get the customers license only if it can pass the acceptance test of customer
Former Experience
  • Started application acceptance testing since 2006
  • Experienced customer: China Unicom
  • Tested 200+ mobile applications ,Over 10 man-months workloads experience
Our Advantages
  • Rich experience on application acceptance test
  • Experienced in android and iOS application development
  • Professional and practical project management and quality assurance
Case 13 :  System Testing for Mobile Phone
Project Description
  • Perform full coverage software testing on all the features to find as many errors as possible, so that major errors could be fixed in time to keep target maturity and usability
  • Include several types of testing: Release Test, Enhanced Release Test, Feature Test, Full Round Test, Error Regression Test, Stress Test
  • Tools & Environment: Quality Center, Lotus Notes, Clear Quest, Live Mobile Network
Former Experience
  • Started SW testing since 2002
  • Cooperated with several world famous company: Nokia, Sony Ericson, NXP
  • Tested 150+ mobile devices,Gathered over 200 man-months workloads
Our Advantages
  • Rich experience for international mobile device vendors
  • Professional and practical project management and quality assurance
  • Full SW test solution: Methodology, process, criteria, check list, template and other documents
Case 14 :  Android Phone Stability Test
Project Description
  • Monkey Test: Use integrated automatic test tool Monkey in Android Platform, Run each installed application automatically for 120 minutes with a certain arguments; If failed, run another 120 minutes; Pass criteria: <= 1 issue in each 200 minutes
  • Extension Stability Test: Called MTBF as well, perform testing in 5*7*24 automatically; Test most common user interactive applications using a set of scripts developed with Python Language ; Pass criteria: <=1 issue in each 200 hours
Former Experience
  • Nokia stability test for mobile devices, 30 man-months experience (2007-2009), Use Austere Test Solution, Running test scripts automatically in 240 hours
  • Motorola stability test for android mobile devices, 2 man-months experience (2011), Mainly perform Monkey Test for all applications
  • CMCC MTBF stability test during mobile phone acceptance , 4 man-months experience (2010-2011), Perform MTBF test scripts on 5 mobiles for 7*24 hours
Our Advantages
  • Rich experience and understanding on stability test
  • Professional and practical project management and quality assurance
Case 15 :  FT - TD Platform FT project
Project Overview
This project is cooperated with some big mobile phone company,and testing in Network compatibility for his one type  of phones.  
Project Size

  • Totally 6 people involved in. 
  • Totally 5 cities in China
Testing Cycle 6 Months  
Test Methods

Black Box Test, Feature Test. 

Technologies and Tools
Network: TD-SCDMA
Tools : Spy trace, AT command
Technologies: Log analysis
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