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Huawei to Build World Largest LTE TDD Commercial

Softbank is deploying the world's largest LTE TDD commercial network provided by Huawei. Adopting the cutting-edge telecoms technology, the network will be the fastest mobile broadband network in Japan with peak data speeds of 100Mb/s.


As Softbank's strategy partner, Huawei exclusively deploys LTE TDD network in the core cities of Japan's economy, including Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya and their surrounding areas. Softbank's network will cover over 92 percent of the population and geographical area in Japan and be the world's largest LTE TDD commercial network.


Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya are the core economic circles in Japan. As Japan's capital, Tokyo is one of the world's most densely populated cities. Its GDP(gross domestic product ) ranks No.1 in the world. Osaka's GDP and Nagoya's GDP respectively rank No.6 and No.13 in the world. In the three regions, the population is over 50% of the national population and the network traffic will carry 80% percent of Softbank's mobile broadband network data traffic.


Huawei provides Softbank with the industry leading end-to-end solutions including LTE TDD solution, LTE TDD/FDD dual-mode USB dongle E398, LTE TDD/FDD/GSM/UMTS/CDMA multi-mode USB dongle E392 and the world's first LTE TDD smart phone. The solutions will effectively help Softbank to release the pressure of dense population, huge data traffic and complicated radio environment, and consolidate Softbank's leadership in the mobile broadband market.